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Daily roundup: I set my friend up on a virtual first date - and other top stories today

Kilasbalikpapan.com - Stay in the know with a recap of our top stories today.

1. I set my friend up on a virtual first date and she now plans to do the same for her friends

When circuit breaker was initially announced, the first thoughts on some of my friends' minds were — how am I going to continue meeting new people?... » READ MORE

2. Catch stars like Li Nanxing, Jack Neo and Marcus Chin in Live It Up online charity concert

The circuit breaker measures may be gradually lifting but online concerts aren't grinding to a halt just yet... » READ MORE

3. I tried beauty hacks from TikTok and here's what worked for me

In this episode, Rachell tests out different TikTok beauty hacks and lets you know if it's worth trying out... » READ MORE

4. E-Junkies Episode 5: Hunkle Chuando Tan says he took off whatever clothes he could

In this episode, local celebrities Chuando Tan, Xiang Yun and her daughter Chen Yi Xin chat with Kar Peng about their roles in the upcoming movie Precious Is The Night, where Chuando got shy about his shower and sex scenes.

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